Live Demonstration

Students will closely observe instructors demonstrating the correct technique.  During observations, students are encouraged to ask questions and take notes in order to consolidate their learning in their own practice.

Practice on Models​​​​

Students will have the opportunity to practice on live models under strict trainer supervision with guided support. assuring personalized learning and attention.

Personalized Program

During the program, students are in class working directly with Jenny Gordon. Classes consist of direct instruction, observation, and closely guided skill-building practice. Students become confident and intuitive in their applications.


Learning Types

We recognize that every individual acquires knowledge and understanding in different ways.  We provide a variety of learning experiences and activities to ensure every candidate has a learning entry point in order to be successful.

Start-up Kit

Start-up kit included.


Pathogen Certificate.

Course completed Certificate.

What will you learn?


1 Day  6 Hours



Sanitation, Cross Contamination, Treatment Set-up, Skin Anatomy.



2 Day 6 Hours



Contraindications, Health Conditions, Extensive Color Theory + Formulations of Organic and Inorganic pigments.



Healing Process, Touch-up Sessions, After Care.




All information is provided through printed manuals.




3 Day 6 Hours



Eyebrow Mapping, Face Design, Symmetry, Outlining Methods, How to use tools and Practice on tattoo skin. 




4 Day 6 Hours



Practice on partner for procedures and touch up. 








Classes availables




                             Eye Lashes Extensions                             




 Shaded Strokes and Ombre


Permanent Makeup


Stretch marks


 Strokes (Procedures using tattoo machine ).

B.B GLOW Training


Hyaluron Pen








































































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